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RF Shielded Enclosures and Screen Rooms

At Innovative Lab Solutions, Inc. we deliver a complete market solution for sales, service and support of RF shielding solutions. We offer turn-key solutions that can address installation, relocation, service and isolation verification testing of your RF shielding. Our comprehensive services portfolio can address electrical, HVAC/ventilation, fire sprinklers and Ethernet or USB connectivity. Service is our business and we take extra care to ensure every customer is not only a repeat customer but also a valuable reference source!

Sales of New and Used Screen Rooms and Shielded Enclosures: ILS Inc. maintains an extensive inventory of used shielded enclosures of different types and sizes. Manufacturer agnostic, ILS is also able to offer new RF shielding solutions from a number of leading manufacturers that are best suited to meet your technical requirements. Check out our extensive inventory.

Shielded/Screen Room Relocations: Relocation services at your fingertips! Our Project Management staff will work with you to plan and execute every detail. Shielded enclosure and screen room relocations with the service, quality and capability that your business demands. ILS Inc. developed the industry’s first GREEN solution for Nationwide relocations of shielded enclosures reducing cost and the ecological footprint we leave behind.

New Shield Rooms and Installations: ILS offers new shielded enclosures from most leading manufacturers. When ordered through ILS, we will project manage every aspect of your capital investment from concept and drawing approval to inbound logistics, delivery and installation of your RF Screen Room or Shielded Enclosure. Our comprehensive service offerings will be tailored to meet the unique needs of your business resulting in a complete turn-key market solution. If you prefer to order direct from the manufacturer, ILS will install and commission your new enclosure upon site delivery.

Electrical, HVAC, Fire Suppression & Data Connectivity: Innovative Lab Solutions is the only company to offer a complete market solution. Our network of endorsed professionals allows us to address every facet of your shielded enclosure relocation.

ILS Inc. brings Innovative solutions to your business offering our penetration free electrical conduit configuration to ensure the isolation integrity of your shielded enclosure or screen room. Fire sprinklers…not a problem.

ILS Inc. is proud to offer filtered data and USB connectivity into your shielded enclosure. Wish your shielded enclosure had a data connection? Call us today to bring your room up to speed with today’s technological advances in filtering technology.

Repair and Maintenance: Annual maintenance of the shielding contact surfaces and the mechanical elements that ensure the isolation integrity of your shielded enclosure must be properly maintained for the life of your investment. Broken finger stock, oxidized or improperly lubricated contact surfaces can all degrade the shielding effectiveness of your shielded enclosure. Call us today to ensure that you are getting the most out of your investment.

Verification of Shielding Effectiveness: Verification of the Shielding Effectiveness of your screen room is recommended every year! At ILS Inc. we utilize the IEEE-299 specification as the foundation for making the measurements necessary to validate the shielding effectiveness of your shielded enclosure. Your test and measurement equipment is calibrated annually to ensure measurement integrity. Is your shielded enclosure on an annual verification schedule as well?

Multi-year Service and Repair Agreements: When is the last time you performed the annual maintenance of your screen room or shielded enclosure? At ILS Inc. Our staff of trained technicians are ready to bring some TLC into your lab. Service and repair agreements are tailored to the needs of your business and generally include all of the benefits of our annual maintenance program followed by the test and verification of the Shielding Effectiveness of your shielded enclosure. A must for every organization required to calibrate their test and measurement equipment