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ESD Installations and Testing Services

ESD Installations and Testing Services: ILS provides expert testing and compliance verification of ESD protective equipment and materials to meet your specific ESD program needs, including ANSI/ESD S20.20 compliance.

ILS ESD Testing provides:

  • Reduced risk of ESD damage to your engineered or manufactured products
  • Compliance with ANSI/ESD S20.20 - Control Program, ANSI/ESD STM 7.1 - Floor Materials, ANSI/ESD S541 – Packaging Materials
  • Evidence of ESD testing - pass/fail labels applied by ILS technicians
  • Program management by ESDA Certified Professional Program Manager
  • Documented test procedures to ensure consistent and comprehensive testing at every location
  • Equipment remediation and repair services
  • ESD Testing To Meet Your Needs

Prior to an ESD testing assignment, our certified ILS technicians perform an on-site evaluation of your facilities, program objectives, and testing requirements. ILS will then create a customized ESD testing program tailored to your organizational needs.

ILS ESD Testing includes:

  • ESD testing using current national ESD requirements and specifications
  • Floor test (if ESD floor exists)
  • Benches, chairs, racks, and mobile carts test
  • Affix pass/fail labels to all tested objects
  • Completion of test summary report and any required floor maps
  • Completion of certificate if required

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