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About Innovative Lab Solutions, Inc.

Innovative Lab Solutions, Inc. was born out of the desire to fill a gap within our industry that addressed the need for “services”.  We spent most of our careers identifying as a customer of products and services.  We found that Manufacturer Sales Reps were quick to call upon him “IF” a PO was pending but found it very difficult to get support on smaller needs of any type.  Sound familiar?

EVERYTHING RF Shielded Enclosures is where we started but quickly expanded our range of services to facilitate all the needs to our customers. We now pride ourselves on being a one-stop solution for every lab or facility manager that we support.  Browse our Services to see how comprehensive our “Innovative Solutions” really are!  After 10 years as a premier services provider, we have seen it all and look forward to tackling your lab needs.

Jeff Fulghum

Jeff Fulghum, President and General Manager of Innovative Lab Solutions, Inc. founded the company in July, 2006 with a vision to create an engineering services company with uncompromising customer service and value. An executive with 20+ years in the wireless engineering space, Jeff knows exactly what every customer expects and is committed to delivering a best in class service portfolio.

John Spriet

John Spriet, Director of Sales & Operations for Innovative Lab Solutions, Inc. has been with ILS from the start. His attention to detail and ability to deliver that personalized customer touch make him a natural leader within the organization. John comes from a broadcast production business and brings a wealth of experience to ILS, Inc.

Kevin Guglielmetti

Kevin Guglielmetti, Operations Manager for Innovative Lab Solutions, Inc. is a great new team leader that brings his hands on experience from a background in Government mechanical engineering. Eager to take on any challenge that comes his way, Kevin has already made a name for himself with our valued customers.